• One more thing which you will have to keep in the mind that: you need to give proper details about your visiting there whether it is university or someone’s home. And information must be detailed and documents must be included such as invitation letter, Thieu residency proofs, Bank, and tax papers. If you previously have applied for visa you can take help of applycaipsnotes.ca to obtain your previous file. Note – If you are going to your family member then you cannot go and find job there. According to Canadian rules and regulation this is not allowed.  
    • Your clean bank statements
    Now the other thing which is equally important is your bank statement until and unless you offer them proper bank statement. Your approval for the visa is not going to be approved. So you will have to tell the visa officers that you have good bank balance and you do not have any bank loans or debts. And you are eligible of balancing your expenses in Canada. Or if you are going to have any sort of debts then this might be a negative point for you. So make sure you own good bank statements so that it might not become a trouble for you. Basically, you will have to give them written bank statements from your bank.
    • Health certificate
    This certificate is important but many people take it for granted and that become reason of getting rejected. Keep this in mind if you are going to have any issue related to your health then this might be going to be trouble for you. So before planning nay trio of visits to this country makes sure you are healthy enough and wealthy too. You will have to also give them health certificate where your heath will be declared clean and clear.
    • No criminal background 
    Other thing which is equally important is criminal background. Because this is also an important part which should be clean and clear, otherwise you will be not allowed.
    • Confirmation of returning 
    The other thing which you cannot miss out this step, you will have to confirm at any cost when you are going to return. So one photocopy of your return ticket is must, you need to attach that.
    • Not receiving letter or academic performances 
    Yes, even if you are confident enough that it will not surprise you. Then be sure, it might surprise you if you do not receive any invitation letter form your university then it is confirmed that you will indulge into troubles. Your invitation letters should be in your hands before applying for the visa. Other thing is that when visa officer would check your bank balance and if it is not right then your academic performance must be strong. Otherwise you forget your visa approval, or if you lucky enough you got scholarship. Then also you need to show them your scholarship certificate. There are some other reasons as well as which becomes part of rejection. Everything should be detailed and well explained otherwise, your visa may be get cancelled. People do not commit big mistakes they commit small ones and that become the reason of cancelling their visa. And there are other document as well as such as birth certificate including other certificates is counted as important documents. Any documents must not be missed out which is mentioned above and in case you miss either of them then be ready for the consequences. Final words Everything which is mentioned here must be kept in the mind before applying for the certificate. Every document must be well arranged and provided to visa officer while filling up the form for visa. If missed any documents this would be not beneficial for you. So make sure you own every document into your hands so that you could easily apply for the visa. And you could even easily enjoy a good time without any trouble and be safe wherever you go.

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